Monday, September 19, 2011

Page 50: Blood Work

Blood Work by Michael Connelly is a departure from the Harry Bosch novels. This time the main character is a former FBI profiler who has survived a heart transplant and is living on his boat moored at an LA marina. Terry McCaleb is still recuperating from heart transplant surgery and concentrating on taking his medications, following his doctor's orders and staying alive.

Terry has a visitor one day. Graciela Rivers wants him to find the killer of her sister. Her sister was murdered in a convenience store by a stone cold killer and the police have so far come up with no major breaks in the case. Terry is torn. He misses his FBI work as a profiler yet doesn't want to jeopardize his recovery. When he decides to help he tells his doctor. She tells him point blank that if he does anything to hurt his chances for recovery she will no longer see him as a patient. Being the stubborn and driven person he has always been, he takes his chances and starts an investigation.

Things become interesting very quickly and Terry finds himself on a roller coaster ride faced with a LA homicide cop who hates him for poaching on his turf, and a killer who is smart and devious. His only support is the guy who has a boat in the next berth. The only problem is that he wants to be a partner and not just a driver. A detective from the county helps Terry and they start developing some good leads.

Everything starts to speed up like the downhill ride on a roller coaster and one surprise after another changes everything you thought you had figured out. It just gets better and better until the plot resolution explodes in your face.

Michael Connelly writes good stuff and this is no exception. This was made into a movie starring Clint Eastwood, but please read the book first. The movie was good, but as is often the case the book was better.

No reviews this time, just my take on the book. If you aren't a Michael Connelly fan you will be after reading Blood Work.

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